Posting from Fully Booked Bonifacio High Street, using Tintin’s ThinkPad… She’s currently roaming around, probably nesting in the cookbook section.  I’ve already done my bit earlier while she was creating her travel journal and uploading travel photos.  This is my first time to go to this branch and I love it!!!  I may never go home, hehehe.  I’ll hide somewhere so I don’t have to leave at closing time, and then I’ll have the place all to myself afterwards. :evil grin 

I got Terry Pratchett’s Reaper Man!  I’ve been searching for other Discworld books, specially the ones featuring Death.  I love that character.  I know that Death is supposed to be morbid, but he’s really very funny and very “human” in the Discworld series.  Actually, I bought the last two shelf copies of Reaper Man – one for myself and one for Tanya.  I just had to text her and ask if she wants me to buy it for her.  It’s called “self-preservation”.  She’s quite obsessed with Terry Pratchett, and that’s putting it mildly, haha!

It’s odd how I keep combing bookstores for books that I want to read but can’t seem to find, even though I could always get them online at Amazon.  But for me, nothing still beats the physical experience of going to the bookstore – soaking up the texture, and yes, even the smell of books!  Even if I don’t always buy anything, I still enjoy every trip to a bookstore. 

We’ve been here since around 2pm (it’s now almost 6pm), and I don’t know what time we’ll be leaving.  There’s a Starbucks conveniently located on the 3rd level.  It’s also the Eraserheads reunion concert tonight here at The Fort.  We don’t have tickets, but I hope to hear some parts of it.  I don’t know the exact venue, but I’m almost 100% sure it’s gonna be open air.  There’s no enclosed show venue here!

Gotta go now…I still haven’t explored the fourth level, which has the art, design, architecture, photography and music sections.