There’s really something about this fifteenth year since our high school graduation.  There have been quite a number of unexpected and unintentional reminders of that time in our lives.  Another bout of nostalgia hit me yesterday.

Our company sponsored an event at the Ateneo de Manila University.  Though it has been many years since I last set foot in the campus, it was as though those years never passed.  Only the new buildings are unfamiliar, but everything else seemed to have stayed the same.   I know this Ateneo campus very well, having gone to the school next door from pre-school to high school.  Aside from attending their grade school theater (ACT or Ateneo Children’s Theater) plays, school fairs and other activities, I also had busmates from Ateneo so we were able to go around the campus, naturally.  The Ateneo campus is very similar to that of my old school, so everything suddenly came back to me.  It even smelled the same – that leafy/dewy grass smell.  God, I love that smell!

Tomorrow, my officemate – and fellow Knoller – Tanya and I are going back to our school before proceeding to Ateneo.  We’re killing two birds with one stone:  conducting official business and at the same time visiting the old haunt.

And now…the one that got me writing about all these.  Anna posted something on her blog that got me a bit teary-eyed.  It may be overly sentimental to everyone else, but it goes right to the heart of the people involved…and strangers who may have felt the same thing at one time or another.  It was the intro to the photos of our recent Baguio trip.  Here’s what she wrote:

We were once called The Dreamers — a group of nine girls on a journey to discover what life has to offer. We were named after a poem I have written back then and upon Sofia’s suggestion.

Time has changed us some and space has parted the roads we now trek but I’m happy that after all these many years, we are still each other’s constants.

I dedicate this entry to that group that once meant the world to me. For now, I see mostly Leah, Trina, Rebs and Claudes; but I do not ever doubt the fact that time and space will be kind enough to unite the nine souls of years past.


Ok, time to spare you from all the drama.  I’m posting our some of our old photos as weight on my dare for Anna to be brave and not put a star over her face to cover it when she posted the same photos.  As I told Anna, it’s photos this bad that make us really glad about how far we’ve come, haha!  However, I’m not brave enough to point out which one is me in the photos, heeheehee.  For those who know me, figure it out on your own.  I also value my life greatly to point out the rest of the barkada.

If you don’t see a new post in the coming days, it only means that I have physical injuries as a direct result of this entry. 😉