There’s a lot to be said for holding one’s ground on basis of principle, no matter how infuriating it could get or no matter how one just wants to give up. Well, I don’t like giving up. Even though I still get mad at the thought of it, I feel good knowing that I did the right thing. Last week, I was asked by a superior at work to do something which I strongly felt was unethical and unprofessional. We needed to have a contract notarized, and he didn’t have his Community Tax Certificate (CTC, or cedula in the vernacular) yet. So, he told me to just use the CEO’s CTC instead since, in his own words, “…the lawyer would not even find out it’s not mine in the first place; CTC numbers are just a formality. They won’t even bother to check it with City Hall.” That made my blood boil. Aside from the obvious legal and ethical tangles, that contract was for my big project. It was my reputation (and our company’s as well) with the other party that was on the line here, because he had the gall to let them know about his “bright idea”. Granted, what he said may be true in most cases, but I am never OK with circumventing legal and other government or business procedures. Call it idealism, call it naiveté, but I stand by that. There are already too many other gray areas in life. Besides, getting a CTC is such a small matter. Why couldn’t he be responsible enough to get one since I even reminded him about it ahead of time. I steadfastly refused to do what he wanted and told him my reasons. That definitely shut him up!

One of my first thoughts when this happened was: Kaya hindi umuunlad ang Pilipinas eh! Yes, that cliché punchline that has a lot of truth to it, nevertheless. How else could we move forward when such persons try to maneuver their way around such simple procedures?

This past month or so has been a test of patience and fortitude at work. Let me just encapsulate it as this: I feel like I’m also babysitting (a difficult baby at that!) instead of minding only my own job. That’s why this blog has been mostly silent or at least has had less serious entries or instead has topics that warm me up inside. Also, each time I get home, I just want to spend time with my dad, the dog, and then have some forms of very light entertainment (read: DVDs of my favorite movies and TV shows). I’m also enjoying time spent either online, in person, or on the telephone with some of my oldest friends. And I’m back to reading regularly! Well, well, lookie now…maybe this stress at work is actually bringing about good things.

Haay….at least I have that Dumaguete trip to look forward to – a trip that was originally just a whim which turned into a necessity. I think I’ll go mad if I don’t take a break soon. Hehe, the last time I was so stressed at work, I flew to Thailand with my friends. The airlines are happy when I’m stressed! :))

Ok, gotta get my beauty sleep now…have a great weekend to you all!