Today is the feast day of St. Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals.  This is the first year that a Mass with an animal blessing afterwards was held in our area (at the Chinese Pagoda in the River Park).  It was the project of the Marikina City Veterinary Office, which has been very active in recent years.

I kept saying that today is my dog’s baptism…after almost 8 years, hehe!  I told my dad that we should get him a set of godparents and give him a party.  Well, we didn’t get to the godparents part, but he unexpectedly got a party – and went home with a loot bag!  We thought that it was going to be just a Mass and a blessing, but it turned out that there was a program afterwards.  There was a game, special awards, and a raffle.  There was even some food for the humans.  It was also a great opportunity for the pets and their owners to socialize.  Animals really do have a way of making everyone friendlier than usual.  It was also like a children’s party in a sense that almost all the “parents” were busy documenting everything with their cameras/videocams (myself included, haha!).

I have only 3 still photos, none of them with my dog in it!  Maybe I should track down the other pet owners who took photos of my dog and ask for a copy.  I was all by myself so you could imagine the devil of a time I had holding on to my dog, his water bottle, and the camera.  I used mostly the video feature of the camera.  It’s very challenging to take good still photos with all the hyperactive animals!  Most of the animals were dogs, but there was one cat, a bluebird, a pair of love birds, and a snake.  Aside from the prizes for the raffle and the special awards, we all went home with some freebies and a loot bag filled with animal nutrition and grooming needs.  The next activity of the City Veterinary Office is a dog show on December 10.  We won’t be going as participants though…my dog’s “tricks” are more of a practical nature, i.e., waking me up in the morning (weekdays only), being highly toilet-trained, knowing the right person in the house to approach for food, walk, toilet and extra TLC, etc.

Ok, here are a couple of photos that I managed to take.  I’m still putting together and editing the video clips so I’ll probably post it some other time.

Proud parents after the baptism of their kids

Proud parents after the baptism of their kids