Over breakfast today, I finally told my dad that I was once sent to the Principal’s Office when I was in Grade 6.  I already forgot what we were originally talking about, but I suddenly felt it was a good time to tell him that little tidbit of information that he never knew.

It was a minor infraction, and I wasn’t the only one sent to the Office.  We had a school program, and our group performed a dance number.  It was in the late 80s, the dying years of punk, but it was definitely still there so obviously, we dressed (and made-up and accessorized) the part.  As part of the total punk look, we placed “beauty marks” and “tatoos” on our cheeks and arms – using permanent markers!  We got a little carried away because we were enjoying the “Catholic School Girls Gone Bad” feel.

Of course, the school administration was not amused.   Our conservative school gave equal importance to academic training and values and character formation, which means observing propriety at all times.  Our group was immediately led to the Principal’s Office after the program.  Thankfully, she did not deem it a big enough issue to call our parents.  She just wanted to teach us that there are more proper ways of doing things.

My dad was amused when he learned this.  Then he also told me his own Principal’s Office story.  Hehe, his deed was naughtier than mine, darn!