It’s been two days that I’ve woken up to the ongoing terror in India.  I have a soft spot for the country since the place and the culture has always fascinated me.  It’s one of my must-visit places.  In fact, I very nearly made it back in early 2002.  All that was lacking was the final itinerary and the plane ticket.  My godmother from New York was supposed to bring me with her on a pilgrimage to Calcutta and a tour of the other cities/provinces.  We were supposed to join a group of American Catholics.  But then 9/11 happened and war broke out in Afghanistan.  It wasn’t prudent for Americans to be in the region at that time, so our trip was cancelled.

Now I fear that the face of India is changing with the spate of attacks in recent years.  And now these horrifying events that I really hope would just end.