Read the book out of curiosity, watched the movie out of curiosity.  Well, we all know what happened to the curious cat.  Thankfully, cats have nine lives. 😀  If it wasn’t obvious from the post title, I’m referring to Twilight, the book and the movie.

The dreamy, forever-a-teenager part of me liked Edward (I’m a sucker for vampires…uh, no pun intended).  The love story was ok.  It’s like Sweet Dreams with a twist, which that part of me could again relate to.  But that was it.  The vampire bits were ok also, but nothing unusual.

The one thing I wanted to see in the movie was the way they would render Edward in the sunlight.  The author wrote it to be spectacular, so I was expecting nothing less in the movie.  I was sorely disappointed.  Even fake diamonds glisten better!

Twilight simply broke my streak of good books and movies since summer.  Well, what else should I have expected?  I’m no longer a teenager. 😀  I should probably restrain some of my curiosity next time.