‘Tis the season, officially.  Well, at least for me, since I really need the cold temperature to feel that my favorite time of the year has indeed arrived.  I felt the first chill of the Christmas season as I was walking home last night, and it just brought a smile to my face.  And then I got two little gifts today.  On the personal front, a hint in five words:  The Elevator and The Enigma. 😉  On the career front, our CEO gave me a side project on something that is a very close interest – Apple.  The company’s developing a new product for the iPhone, and he asked me to create the Marketing Plan for the entire project.  He probably noticed during the brainstorming session yesterday that I was the one most familiar with the iPhone, the iTunes Store, the upcoming product’s genre and target market, and Apple in general. Hehe, I guess I wasn’t able to contain my enthusiasm.

I now need to research on the technicalities of creating a Marketing Plan.  I don’t have a problem with the ideas part.  It’s the proper presentation that I’m more concerned about.  I’ve actually never done a complete Marketing Plan!  I’ve always been a Copywriter with an Account Manager to take care of the marketing technicalities.

This is one happy day that started with the chilly night.  No wonder I love this season. 😀