December 20, 2008

I’ve been waiting for this wedding since I learned about their engagement last summer.  Dondon is one of my cousins on my father’s side for whom I have great affection.  I am not as close to them as I am to my cousins on my mother’s side, but the now almost-yearly vacations in Capiz is slowly changing that.  Dondon is the one closest to my age, being only a year younger than me.  Because of that, I was “foisted” on him whenever we would visit the province when we were younger.  He barely knew me then, but he gladly showed me around and brought me along to some of his summer activities.  I found him to be very nice…and sorta funny, haha!  We’ve gotten along very well since that first summer.

Anyway, on to the wedding… It wasn’t a big, grand wedding, but it was beautiful and filled with love.  It was the story of two longtime friends who fell in love and didn’t waste any more time in deciding to spend the rest of their lives together.  Many of their friends were actually surprised that they eventually ended up together.

The funniest and most heartwarming moments happened at the reception.  Don was asked to do a sexy dance prior to removing the garter.  Well, uhm, hmm….let’s just say that I have it on video and he better be nice to me always! Haha! 😉  On the other hand, I liked their thank-you speeches, especially when his new wife, Meann, thanked our side of the family for warmly welcoming her.  She said it with such sincerity, warmth and affection.  I liked her immediately when I met her, so it’s no chore to be nice to her.

The “not-so-nice” part of the wedding?  My relatives teasing me that the next wedding in the family should be mine.  After all, if we go by age, I should have been married ahead of Don.  Haha, we’ll see… 😀

Cheers to Don and Meann, and may the kids come as soon as you wished! 😉