I remember writing early last year that I wanted a more “alive” 2008, as compared to my very sedate (ok, boring) 2007. Well, I certainly got it! Leap years have always proven to be very good for me, and 2008 was certainly no different. And as a way to cap 2008 and usher in 2009, allow me to make a thank-you list and a looking-forward-to list.

People and things that I’m very thankful for:

  • My dad
  • Old and true friends who continue to bring me great joy, comfort…and good times!
  • New friends that allow me to constantly discover different sides of myself
  • Old friends, classmates, and relatives who popped back into my life, even if only through Facebook and Friendster, in some cases
  • A great year of traveling and other leisure activities: the Hot Air Balloon Fest; Holy Week in Capiz with my dad, Tintin, and relatives; the stormy beach trip to Langub Beach in Negros Occidental; Baguio with the high school barkada; Dumaguete with Trish and Jeff; and the countless movie, coffee, shopping, and food trips
  • Unpredictable career twists and turns that’s now leading to a good place
  • An evolved fashion sense! I actually bought only one pair of jeans for the year; the rest were skirts and dresses.
  • A more “interesting” (well, as compared to 2007’s absolute zero-ness) personal life
  • Better finances
  • People who have read and commented on this blog. Special mention to UP Manila Orcom grads and students. I never expected that my one post about Orcom would eventually have its own page and become a mini-community.

What I look forward to in the year ahead:

  • Continued good health for my dad, myself, and all my loved ones
  • More family get-togethers
  • Considering that my 2008 travel list consisted mostly of “re-visits”, I look forward to a travel itinerary consisting of places I’ve never visited (except for Corregidor; yes Trish, itutuloy na natin yun!)
  • Maybe even go back to Dumaguete again if the opportunity arises, with my dad this time around
  • Finally finding the perfect calf-high boots in my size!
  • Challenging and fulfilling activities, strategies, and decisions at work
  • An even more interesting, and maybe even finally a movement in my personal life 😉
  • Becoming more assertive in EVERYTHING 😉
  • More books!
  • Enough determination and courage to submit entries to writing contests
  • Greater will to fight occasional bouts of apathy
  • More readers and quality comments on this blog 😀
  • More early starts to the day
  • New friends, places, and experiences!