Israeli troops are now moving into Gaza after more than a week of attacks and counter-attacks from both sides.  More casualties, more confusion, more questions, another round of humanitarian crisis.  While I do not condone the Hamas rocket attacks, I am also uncomfortable with the strength of Israel’s counter-attack under the guise of “proportionate response”.  Israel bemoans that she is being bullied by surrounding countries, but who’s acting the bully now?  But then again, if Israel will be the one to take the first step in ending the current hostilities, will the Hamas attacks indeed stop?  This and other conflicts all over the world make me believe that only Divine Intervention could bring true peace in those regions.  Still, the fall of Communism (in most places, at least), which was thought to be near-impossible, happened, so who knows…  Then again, we’re talking about conflicts that have existed since Biblical times.  Vicious cycle.