Oh my, oh my!  Diego Buñuel and his show on Nat Geo Adventure Channel, Don’t Tell My Mother, chased away all traces of my sleepiness this morning!  I like to have the TV on in the background as I prepare for work each morning, usually tuned in to CNN or any other news network.  This morning, I channel-surfed while CNN was on break and chanced upon Diego’s show on Sky Cable’s Platinum preview channel.  He was in the Holy Land in this particular episode, and the part I caught was when he was in Gaza.  Everything about the show caught my attention – the place, the people, the situation, the events, and of course, the host!  The show documents life in war-torn places, with Diego mingling among the locals.

I was immediately hooked, and had to force myself to get up from the sofa and  go to work.  Of course half the interest in the show is the gorgeous, sexy host! 😀  He reminds me so much of someone. (Trish, one guess! 😉