Back from a very unintentional blogging hiatus! It was brought about by a combination of spotty Internet connection at home, a workload that leaves me mentally and quite physically tired at the end of the day, weekends spent with either friends, my dad, or just organizing all the stuff in my room, and the Australian Open.

A couple of Saturdays ago, the high school barkada (minus Anna; more about that in the next post) met at Rebs’ new house for a very belated Christmas party-slash-housewarming.  It’s been a while since we’ve all been together including all the kids (5 little girls!).  It was an afternoon of good food and good conversations.  In fact, we were having such a nice, comfortable time that no one thought of taking pictures!

Other weekends were also spent shopping with friends and with my dad, taking advantage of the great year-end sale deals.  Surprisingly, the hardware and the home stores became one of our more frequent stops!  Rebs obviously needs a lot of things for their new house, while Tin and I are both in an organizing frenzy.  I’m still not done, since I didn’t actually come up with a shopping list.  I just went along with my friends and got items that I suddenly realized I needed as soon as I saw them.

Things at work are really going my way in recent weeks.  First off, I got a project that’s really interesting and in line with one of the things that I love doing most.  I can’t write about it yet, so I’ll leave it at that.  And the best thing… I’ve already hinted that I was not exactly fond of my former immediate supervisor (an understatement, haha!).  His replacement finally reported to work last week, and the guy is his complete opposite!  We’ve gotten along from the very start, helped greatly by the number of things we have in common.  It was something that was sorely missing the last time around.  I’m also excited because we are in sync most of the time in all work-related matters.  We are going to do a major revamp, a major re-branding.  I really hope this is what it takes for the product to finally take off big time!  It has a lot of potential after all.

The Australian Open tennis also took up most of my nights.  I was a huge tennis fan beginning the time of Boris Becker until the time Pete Sampras retired.  I began to lose interest afterwards because there was no more Sampras-Agassi kind of rivalry that made the game exciting and such a joy to watch.  Then came Rafael Nadal, who’s now challenging Roger Federer.  Again, more on that in another post.

Whew!  I missed blogging!  I’m happy to be back. 😀