Something bad and scary happened to my friend Anna more than a week ago.  Her memory of the incident is sketchy so my account of it will not be very clear either.  She left her shop at 11.30 in the evening and went to 7-11 across the street to buy dinner and pineapple juice.  The next thing she knew, she woke  up to find her head bleeding, a Barangay Tanod beside her, and her bag missing.  Based on the account of the driver of the jeepney she rode in, someone aboard a motorcyle grabbed her bag (probably right after she alighted the jeepney) and pushed her, knocking her down and causing her to hit her head on the pavement and lose consciousness for a few moments.

She’s fine now, thank goodness!  She lost her netbook, mobile phone, wallet and flash drive.  I texted her that week about our party at Rebs’ house.  She didn’t reply to my text messages, nor to my YM messages.  Friday came, and I was just about to call her shop, when my dad called me at work.  It turned out that Anna still has our home phone number memorized, even though she has rarely used it since the dawn of Internet and mobile phones.  She asked my dad for my mobile number and told him what happened to her.

Our barkada would never have known right away what happened to Anna if she didn’t have my phone number memorized.  I could have called her shop sooner, but I didn’t have the number memorized and I somehow wasn’t able to copy it from my old phone before I gave it to my dad.  Good thing it wasn’t erased.  I still know her home phone number, but it was good that Anna was able to get in touch with me sooner.  Moral of the story:  Do not forget to still memorize important phone numbers.  Do not rely solely on your mobile phone or on paper phone books.  Most of all, check on your friends through various means if you don’t hear from them for some time or if they don’t reply to your messages.  Don’t always assume that they’re just busy.