I’ve been more active in Facebook recently. Aside from the fact that Friendster has gone way too “jologs”, there’s just a lot more interesting and cool things to do on Facebook.  The layout is also a lot better.  I don’t have as many in my friends list as most people do, but I am happy with what I have.

Most of the people who’ve added me in recent weeks were high school batchmates.  And what have I noticed?  99% of them have hyphenated last names, haha!  Anna also noticed the same thing.  Sometimes we joke that we should also invent hyphenated last names for ourselves. 😀

Seriously though, I don’t mind it that much.  After all, we’re at an age when most are usually married already.  It just borders on funny-irritating when everytime you get a Facebook friend-invite, it’s always from some girl who already has a different last name.  Then there’s the old school photos that would suddenly get posted.  You scramble to see if you’re in them and pray very hard that you’re not, haha!  And then you realize that you’re actually enjoying seeing all those photos, to hell with whether you’re in there looking horrible or not.

And why is the status bar one of the most addictive features?  The fact that friends could instantly comment on it, I think.  A perfect avenue for virtual kwentuhan (chitchat) and asaran. Us Facebook addicts can’t wait to log in everytime something interesting happens or when we’re just bored so we could immediately update our status and see if anyone would react.  Haay…are we all just KSP by nature? 😀