At around this time last year, I wrote a post about the myriad of characters in our office building.  There have been several interesting developments over the year that made these characters even more interesting and significant.  Some of them are now longer mere familiar faces, but people with whom I’ve actually had some encounters – some funny, some downright embarrassing, and some awkward; all definitely out of the ordinary.  The funniest and strangest thing is that I still haven’t actually gotten to know any of them personally.  Heck, I don’t even know some of their names.

This past week, I have had encounters and incidents with practically all of the most interesting and significant ones.  Let’s start with the leading man – The Enigma.  After a few months of different kinds of eye contact and several shy and awkward moments, bam, physical contact!  Not what you think, naughty minds out there, haha!  He literally bumped me (Intentionally? Hmmm… :D).  Missed opportunity though, since I didn’t know it was him!  I had my back turned, and it was a light bump anyway so I didn’t bother turning around.  However, according to E (who happened to be facing him), he stopped and turned, probably to apologize, but sadly, I didn’t look back.  Haay, parang pelikula.

Then there’s Ex-Bodyguard.  I accidentally stepped on his foot inside the elevator.  We used to call him Bodyguard, until we found out that he’s actually part-owner of his law firm!  In fact, one-half of the firm’s name is his.  We called him by that nickname because he looked like one!  He is a big guy, who always wears a plaid polo, tinted glasses (even indoors!), and always hangs around the food court, just walking around and looking at everybody.  He looks as though he’s “scoping” the place.  This brings us to another character – we imagined him to be the bodyguard of…Ex-Lawyer.

Just as in the case of Ex-Bodyguard, the “Ex” part of the nickname was a late addition.  We simply assumed he was a lawyer because he works at a law firm and dresses like one.  It’s a long story how we found out that he’s actually not.  Suffice it to say that he’s the only one among the Characters that one of my officemates (ahem, sino kaya? 😉 ) actually got to know personally.  Ex-Lawyer ALWAYS wears the same orange hoodie.  So, I wasn’t able to hide my surprise when I met him in the hallway this week and saw him wearing a yellow hoodie!  It was an awkward moment because of the said “history” and because we were the only ones in the hallway.

Finally, there’s the Original Leading Man (before The Enigma came sauntering through the food court doors).  I saw him again after many months, and it was kinda funny.  We caught each other’s eye, and he had this tiny smile on his face.  He probably remembered the really funny embarrassing moment way back.  It had nothing to do with him whatsoever, but it was just really funny.

There are many other Characters in the building, such as HMG (happily married girl), Jaja, Kabit (not in the way you think).  Maybe I’ll have interesting encounters with them eventually.  Trish wants me to write a sitcom out of these characters, encounters, and incidents (there are a lot more  that I don’t blog about).  I don’t know how it will actually turn out, but it will definitely be a lot of fun to do!  If nothing else, it could be a nice keepsake to make us smile. 😀


Oh, and I’m asserting my rights to these Characters and stories!