I was with the high school barkada again yesterday for the birthday party of Trina’s younger daughter.  We had a good time bonding with Trina’s mom and one of her brothers, who sat with us throughout the event.  It was good to catch up with them since they also updated us with what’s going on with the rest of the brood.  They gave us some funny and juicy details, haha!  We really missed her brother Arnie since he would usually go with us on our out-of-town trips before he got married.

It was also great to be surrounded by kids – and to be kids again around them.  I still get excited over loot bags and the kiddie games, while some friends still take balloons home, even if they don’t have kids.  On one birthday party in the past, we had our faces painted and went straight to the mall, not caring about the stares we received.

The irony is, even though the kiddie vibe was all around us, Yan’s birthday party also reflected how we’ve aged in numbers and matured in character.  How vastly different our lives are now, especially those who are already married.  It makes me proud that our barkada has managed to stay together through everything that has taken place over the years.  And I don’t mean the special occasions, but the fact that we are really still IN each other’s lives.  It all seems silly now that I once feared that our friendship might not survive long after graduation.