I wonder if the new Eastwood Mall in Quezon City participated in Earth Hour.  It would be a hypocrisy if they did, considering the way their bathroom sinks are set up.  This isn’t really about energy, but it’s still about conservation.


Note that the sensor to activate the faucet is located way above, at body level.  Merely standing right in front of the sink already turns on the faucet, even if you’re not washing your hands.  Water isn’t running in this photo since I stepped back a bit to capture the entire setup, but that sensor is mighty sensitive once you get closer!  Plus, there are no separate mirrors for grooming purposes only, so the water still flows even when ladies are just powdering their noses.

I shudder to think of the gallons of water wasted everyday.  Whatever happened to new malls supposedly being “greener”?

And while on the topic of the environment – no, we did not turn off the lights in our house for Earth Hour.  (Think of how many people did so but recharged or bought new batteries for their flashlights instead; or even risked burning down their homes by using candles – what the…)   I am a WWF Supporter, but I believe there are other better, non-symbolic ways in calling attention to and doing something about the environment.