I’ve already written that I’ve been sadly neglecting the North in my travels around the Philippines, so now I’ve done something about it.  I’m off to Sagada in May, around the time of my birthday.  It’s with a tour group this time around (but still with perennial travel buddy, Tin), but it promises to be the different kind.

My last “mountain” trip was when our boss at the graphic design agency signed us up for a 4-hour jungle trek in Subic.  I don’t know if that really counts, since it’s not actually a huge or major mountain.  So, if we go by the term “mountain trip” in the strictest sense, then my last one was back in 2004 at the PNOC Geothermal Field near Mt. Apo.  I loved that place.

I love mountains because of the cooler climate and my fascination with heights.  In fact, I’ve always imagined my dream house to be in a place where I have the beach as my frontyard and the mountains as my backyard. 🙂  Still looking for that perfect place…