Finally!  Previously, only Sky Cable Platinum subscribers can see the show in the Philippines, since it’s Nat Geo Adventure channel that airs it.  Sky Cable Platinum is not available in our area, so I have to content myself with the preview channel on Sky Cable Gold.  They preview Nat Geo Adventure for 15 days every couple of months or so, and I accidentally came across Don’t Tell My Mother last January.  I already wrote about it here.

National Geographic Channel is showing the last 5 of the 10 episodes, but I’ve already seen 3 of the first 5 (Holy Land, Afghanistan, Colombia).  I’d still love to see the North Korea and Congo episodes though, specially the former. Here’s the NGC Asia schedule (Manila/Hong Kong time):

Pakistan – Saturday, May 16, 8pm

The Balkans – Monday, May 18, 10pm

Iran – Monday, May 25, 10pm

Iraq – Monday, June 1, 10pm

Venezuela – Monday, June 8, 10pm

Check the NGC Asia website for the complete schedule, including replays. Don’t Tell My Mother is a perfect cross between a serious documentary and a light-hearted travelogue.  Diego Bunuel’s hosting, injected with plenty of wit, charm and sometimes self-deprecating humor, is also a treat.  He’s not afraid to ask difficult or controversial questions and gamely participates in local activities, so the viewers get to see a different side of the notorious countries that he visits.