Thirty-three and happy.  That just about describes me today.  I got some sort of an early birthday present on the building driveway at sunset yesterday. 😉  And I just have to say this:  Real men are not afraid to wear a pink shirt.

Anyway, back to being happy.  I don’t have everything I want, but I love what is in my life right now.  As I’m writing this, I’m also chatting with Anna.  We’re talking about age, how 33 feels much older than 32.  But funnily enough, age matters less and less as I grow older.  It’s certainly not stopping me from doing the things that I want.  In fact, I’m more motivated and excited by the “you’re not getting any younger” voice inside my head, instead of being scared of it.  And age and maturity has given me a quiet confidence that I never had in my teens and twenties.


Ok, I just wrote that I’m happy, but the happiness level just went down a tiny bit.  I just got a text message from our tour guide saying that our Sagada trip tomorrow is postponed due to some broken roads and heavy rains forecast.  Safety is still the priority, so I’m fine with that.  We’re still free on the new dates, and I hope that the weather will finally cooperate. Now getting back to being happy… 😀