For now.  So ends Rafael Nadal’s 4-year reign at the clay courts of Roland Garros in Paris – and not at the hands of Roger Federer (who was almost upset himself last night).  He had a rare off-day when everything just went wrong.  Add to that an opponent who played the game of his life.  I couldn’t bear to watch after he lost the first set, 2-6, switching back only to check the score every now and then.

Rafael Nadal was defeated, but he still showed class and remarkable calm as shown in the post-match interview.  In his own words:  “You need a defeat to give value to your victories.”  How could you not like this guy?  He never made excuses, and simply admitted that he did not play well.  He also acknowledged that his opponent played great, in spite of the fact that there’s some colorful history between them.

I’m now betting on Roger Federer to win, but it would have been better if he had to beat Rafa to win the French Open and complete a career Grand Slam.

Next up, Wimbledon, where Rafa’s again the defending champion.  In the finals last year, he beat Roger, the king of grass, in one of the greatest tennis matches in history.  Can he do it again this year?  Hmm…he can, but is not definite.  But who knows, the “BFFs” might pull a switch this year.  Rafa already won the Australian Open, which traditionally should have been Roger’s.  And now the French Open seems to be heading Roger’s way.  Will Wimbledon go to Rafa again?  I hope so. 😀

Here’s an amusing photo of the two rivals-slash-BFFs from the Madrid Open:


Sweet! ;)  (from

Sweet! 😉 (from