• Shrinkwrapped books that get bent out of shape
  • Overly dusty, almost grimy, books
  • Price label so sticky that it leaves a lot of glue residue, or worse, peels off a portion of the cover when you remove it
  • Foil thingy sticker that practically destroys the page when you remove it.  If you don’t remove it and you have the habit of bringing books everywhere, you bear the inconvenience of always getting stopped by the bookstore guard at the exit because it sets off the detector.
  • Shelves that are way, way high

So what brought on this gripe list?  I’ve been going to the Fully Booked Gateway branch a lot lately, and I’ve noticed the poor condition of many of their books.  That branch looks like it is where old stocks go to die.  The second hand books at Booksale are in better condition!  The first few times, I thought that I just caught the branch at a bad time.  Apparently not so, after almost a month.

Anyway, I already wrote to Fully Booked to let them know about my concerns. As I told them, part of the joys of buying a brand-new book in a premier bookstore is the mint condition.  Oh, and the only item on my pet peeve list that pertains to Fully Booked is the one about the dust. 😉