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On the lighter side naman…


A couple of weeks ago, I joined my friend Tin at Eastwood to watch a Bamboo gig.  It’s been a long time since I’ve been to one, so I jumped at the chance when Tin mentioned it to me.  There are very few Pinoy bands that I like, and Bamboo is one of them.  I like both Bamboo the band and Bamboo the artist since his Rivermaya days.  So I was happy when they opened with Hinahanap-Hanap Kita and Kisapmata.  I’ve missed those songs!  Rivermaya and E-heads songs are an indelible part of the soundtrack of my college years.


I also like that the band is blessed with the twin yumminess of Bamboo and Ira Cruz, hehehe.  Friends have been asking me for a celebrity look-alike of The Enigma so they could have a picture of him in their minds, and the best I could give them before was Diego Bunuel of Don’t Tell My Mother.  I keep forgetting about Ira!  There were a lot more people on his side of the stage, so it was difficult to get a good picture of him.  I had this one opportunity, when he was smiling in my direction, but this guy in front of me suddenly raised his camera too and totally blocked my shot.  Ayayay, moment gone!  Bading siguro, hahaha!



Moonlight, Bamboo, outdoor dinner and good coffee with great friend, and rain right after the show = perfect after-office evening!

To all motorists driving in the vicinity of Santolan Road/Project 4/Cubao, beware of the driver of said jeepney.  Give him a wide berth on the road.  This morning, he figured in an altercation (a mild term, considering what happened) with our shuttle driver over an almost-accident.  It happened very near the intersection of 15th Ave. (I think) and Santolan Road, close to a Camp Aguinaldo gate.

It was a red light and traffic was quite heavy.  The jeepney driver got off and walked up to our driver to challenge him to a fistfight.  When our driver wouldn’t get out, he went back to his jeepney and got a metal tube that’s about a foot-and-a-half long to use as a weapon.  Our driver was also a hot-head himself and was reaching for something in the glove compartment.  The two lady passengers in front “hugged” him to prevent him from getting out of the vehicle.  We were all pleading with him to just let it go for the sake of his passengers.

Meanwhile, the jeepney driver was like a madman outside, going around our shuttle, screaming and waving his weapon threateningly.  When our driver didn’t get out, he hit the front of the vehicle, creating a dent and partially breaking the lower part of the windshield.  He went back to his jeepney when the light turned green, but he lightly hit our shuttle’s bumper before speeding away, turning left to continue his route.  Our driver chased him, instead of turning right to EDSA.  We all told him to let us off first if he plans to chase the jeepney driver.  Eventually, he was convinced to cool down and just report the incident.  After all, as we told him, he has a shuttle full of witnesses, all of whom noted down the jeepney’s plate number.  No one was able to take photos though.  I guess we were all scared of the maniacal jeepney driver.

And the other sad thing?  Uzis who couldn’t even be bothered to get the attention of the 2 MMDA personnel situated at the corner just a few meters away.  There was even one guy who was smiling excitedly like he was just watching a minor ruckus, instead of a potentially dangerous and violent situation.  Worse, those MMDA personnel  suddenly turned blind and deaf during the incident.  I know they’re not the police, but still, shouldn’t it be part of their job to address traffic incidents in the absence of traffic police?

We reported the incident to them after our driver gave up the chase.  We all couldn’t believe that they didn’t notice anything that happened given their proximity.  I only saw the last name of one of the MMDA personnel – Custodio Jr.

We eventually reached Makati without further incident.  As we got off the shuttle, some passengers wished our driver good luck in pursuing his complaint.

Let’s always remind ourselves and one another to keep cool on the road. Better to lose an argument or suffer a little material damage than to risk our lives and the lives of other people.

Here’s what’s on my mind right now:  Gloria Arroyo will step down from office when her term ends, but she’ll spend the remaining time messing up anything she can get her hands on as a way of getting back at all of us for daring to criticize her.  Just look at the current National Artist awards controversy.

Even the world of arts and culture was prey to dagdag-bawas!  Adding of names could perhaps be tolerated, but not dropping someone (composer Ramon Santos) who was already on the list.   I caught portions of Media in Focus on ANC last night. They discussed the issue, and among the guests were writer Butch Dalisay, National Artist for Film Eddie Romero, CCP Chair Emily Abrera, and…Carlo Caparas.  I was flabbergasted at the audacity of Mr. Caparas!  He blatantly stated that he went through the entire NCCA screening process.  Beside him, Butch Dalisay bravely and calmly stated, “Hindi totoo yan” to contradict the ranting man beside him. Bravo, Sir Butch!

Back to GMA… Perhaps due to the fact that I have no good feelings left for her and her administration, this seemingly innocent news headline irritated me early this morning:  “Palace:  Don’t use Cory for own agenda”.  Another paranoid, defensive pronouncement.  How about, “Palace, you are not worthy to talk about Cory.”

We better be more vigilant from now until she is finally out of office – and even beyond.  We are looking at a cunning political animal clinging to the last vestiges of power, “presiding” over citizens with renewed faith and inspiration.  She isn’t liking the situation one bit, and we can bet our last peso that she will not bow out quietly and gracefully.  The next administration better be good cleaners armed with the strongest antiseptics.

…from my generation who watched our parents, older brothers and sisters, and cousins fight for freedom alongside your husband and his colleagues; who went to EDSA in 1986, and grew up with you as the one pure light in our murky political scene.

You were not a perfect President, but did the best you could given what you had to work with.  You never gave us cause to doubt your sincerity and integrity.  You only wanted the best for our country and never wavered in your faith in God and in the greatness of the Filipino.  That is your best gift to us and you are God’s best gift to Filipinos at this period in our history.

With you gone, we could look back at your life and how you served our country, and only be inspired by it.  Rest with Ninoy now.  The sky cleared for your motorcade.  Heaven is smiling at the arrival of another saint.



View from my office window

View of the motorcade from my office window