…from my generation who watched our parents, older brothers and sisters, and cousins fight for freedom alongside your husband and his colleagues; who went to EDSA in 1986, and grew up with you as the one pure light in our murky political scene.

You were not a perfect President, but did the best you could given what you had to work with.  You never gave us cause to doubt your sincerity and integrity.  You only wanted the best for our country and never wavered in your faith in God and in the greatness of the Filipino.  That is your best gift to us and you are God’s best gift to Filipinos at this period in our history.

With you gone, we could look back at your life and how you served our country, and only be inspired by it.  Rest with Ninoy now.  The sky cleared for your motorcade.  Heaven is smiling at the arrival of another saint.



View from my office window

View of the motorcade from my office window