Here’s what’s on my mind right now:  Gloria Arroyo will step down from office when her term ends, but she’ll spend the remaining time messing up anything she can get her hands on as a way of getting back at all of us for daring to criticize her.  Just look at the current National Artist awards controversy.

Even the world of arts and culture was prey to dagdag-bawas!  Adding of names could perhaps be tolerated, but not dropping someone (composer Ramon Santos) who was already on the list.   I caught portions of Media in Focus on ANC last night. They discussed the issue, and among the guests were writer Butch Dalisay, National Artist for Film Eddie Romero, CCP Chair Emily Abrera, and…Carlo Caparas.  I was flabbergasted at the audacity of Mr. Caparas!  He blatantly stated that he went through the entire NCCA screening process.  Beside him, Butch Dalisay bravely and calmly stated, “Hindi totoo yan” to contradict the ranting man beside him. Bravo, Sir Butch!

Back to GMA… Perhaps due to the fact that I have no good feelings left for her and her administration, this seemingly innocent news headline irritated me early this morning:  “Palace:  Don’t use Cory for own agenda”.  Another paranoid, defensive pronouncement.  How about, “Palace, you are not worthy to talk about Cory.”

We better be more vigilant from now until she is finally out of office – and even beyond.  We are looking at a cunning political animal clinging to the last vestiges of power, “presiding” over citizens with renewed faith and inspiration.  She isn’t liking the situation one bit, and we can bet our last peso that she will not bow out quietly and gracefully.  The next administration better be good cleaners armed with the strongest antiseptics.