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We’re ok – after the first floor of our house (in Marikina) got flooded, waist-deep. Will post in detail (including some photos) in the next few days. Still no power. I’m at the office now to charge cellphone battery and use the Internet – and get some work done as well.  Will go home in a while to pass by the grocery.  Very few stores are open in our area.  We really need help with the garbage situation!  I’ll update again tomorrow.


Sorry, blog

I’m currently a neglectful blogger.  My blogging time has been eaten up by other things – such as new online drug Twitter and a steadily growing pile of unread books – not counting Tin’s library, which I will soon raid.  Add to that the undue stress at work.  Let’s just say that someone forgot the “design” half of the job title. And it’s the more crucial half!  I hope to get my blogging rhythm back soon.  I really need that, the way things are going.  I’m just glad that other areas of offline life are going well.


In other news…I’m getting the new iPod Nano as a just-because present from my cousin!  Her parents are coming over from New York in October, and they’re bringing it with them.  The video cam, voice recorder and FM radio totally sold me on it.  It’s now a perfect travel must-have.


The cousin mentioned above also told me an endearing story about our nephew.  Jollibee New York opened several months ago, and is still getting long lines until now.  Our nephew was born here, but moved to the States when he was about 10 years old.  He now goes to Cornell University.  On his Winter break, he, along with his Pinoy Cornell friends and his brother, stood in line for 2 1/2 hours in freezing temperature just to get their Jollibee fix! This is an endearing story for me because my nephew is such a, in colloquial terms, “conyo” kid.  I never imagined that he would fall in line that long for a Jollibee meal.  It’s really nice to know that he still has that kind of Filipino-ness.

My cousin, on the other hand, still couldn’t find the patience for the long lines in spite of her endless craving for sweet spaghetti.  This is the cousin who asked for sugar and added it to her spaghetti while dining in a five-star hotel. How the waiters were horrified, haha!  However, she wrote something in her email that really made me laugh:  “Pero pag may Max’s Fried Chicken na dito, makiki-pila na din ako!!!”  I could sooo imagine her making a beeline for it first thing in the morning. 😀


Well, that takes care of this week’s blogging.  Hope to be back sooner than I’ve been doing so these past few months.

Dear Aling Koring

Your “fiance” already gave way.  Please just shut up now.  Tsk tsk tsk.  People will now be wary everytime you “help” them.  You may just throw it in their faces, just like you did with Sen. Pangilinan, whose only crime was to respectfully disagree with Mar on some issues.

To paraphrase a line from The Parent Trap:  “You want to know the difference between you and Mar?  He has class and you don’t.”

Do your own big sacrifice.  Back out of your wedding.  But we’re just asking too much of you, aren’t we?

In the weeks after President Cory Aquino’s funeral, I found myself searching for yellow ribbons still tied around posts all over the city.  It was a tiny, if not superficial, way of reassuring myself that the reawakened spirit of EDSA is staying longer.

And now Mar Roxas gave way for the possibility of Noynoy running for president.  I was still a bit ambivalent about it, but the recent words and actions of other opposition wanna-bes canned it.  The biggest let-down was Chiz Escudero.  According to his Twitter page:  “What I said was ALL OF US, including noy, should be willing to step aside bcoz no one person or party has a monopoly of good intentions.”  Hmm…if all of you would step aside, who would then step up?  And then, shortly after, he said that he’s not backing down from running for maybe even the presidency.  I’m sick and tired of everyone saying that they’re willing to step aside for the good of the country. Just do it!!!  Or just don’t say anything at all.

Whatever else I may have thought of Mar and his infomercials and that Korina thing, I deeply admire the man for what he did.  No matter how some quarters dismiss it as strategy, there was still a great amount of sincerity behind it.  I’m actually liking the words and actions of the other members of the opposition.  Aside from the amusement value, I think it will eventually turn out to be good for Noynoy and Mar, as long as those two stay on the right track.  I just hope Noynoy doesn’t overdo the “following in my parents’ footsteps” thing.  Oh, and Kris, you’re not going to be the First Lady – remember that.