In the weeks after President Cory Aquino’s funeral, I found myself searching for yellow ribbons still tied around posts all over the city.  It was a tiny, if not superficial, way of reassuring myself that the reawakened spirit of EDSA is staying longer.

And now Mar Roxas gave way for the possibility of Noynoy running for president.  I was still a bit ambivalent about it, but the recent words and actions of other opposition wanna-bes canned it.  The biggest let-down was Chiz Escudero.  According to his Twitter page:  “What I said was ALL OF US, including noy, should be willing to step aside bcoz no one person or party has a monopoly of good intentions.”  Hmm…if all of you would step aside, who would then step up?  And then, shortly after, he said that he’s not backing down from running for maybe even the presidency.  I’m sick and tired of everyone saying that they’re willing to step aside for the good of the country. Just do it!!!  Or just don’t say anything at all.

Whatever else I may have thought of Mar and his infomercials and that Korina thing, I deeply admire the man for what he did.  No matter how some quarters dismiss it as strategy, there was still a great amount of sincerity behind it.  I’m actually liking the words and actions of the other members of the opposition.  Aside from the amusement value, I think it will eventually turn out to be good for Noynoy and Mar, as long as those two stay on the right track.  I just hope Noynoy doesn’t overdo the “following in my parents’ footsteps” thing.  Oh, and Kris, you’re not going to be the First Lady – remember that.