Typhoon, flood, exploding transformers and sub-stations, ergo, blackouts… Disaster seems to be raining down Eastern Metro Manila!

Just as we’re picking up the pieces from Typhoon Ondoy’s onslaught, us residents of Marikina, Pasig, and Rizal are now facing several days’ worth of long power interruptions.  First, it was due to a transformer that exploded in Tanay.  Then it was compounded by the explosions of three sub-stations!  We just got our electricity back last Thursday night, and barely a week after, we’re facing darkness again.  All we want is for life to get back to normal as quickly as possible since it’s the best way to recovery.  This recent round of disasters is making it difficult for us to go back to the comfort zone of our routines.

Sorry, I’m just whiny today.  These recent events are really stretching my nerves to the limit.  It’s heartbreaking enough to see what has happened to my beautiful city over and over again as I travel to and from work every day.

More than ever, I am reminded of the importance of faith.  We just have to believe that this too shall pass, and that something REALLY good is waiting for us after everything we’ve experienced.  We are not given trials that we cannot bear.

And now it’s our brothers in Northern and Central Luzon that are experiencing what happened in Manila two weeks ago.  I really believe that one disaster after another could only lead to something exceptionally good. Can’t wait to see what it is!