A few weeks ago, when my friend Tin was in Cebu, I had this dream:  I followed to Cebu, then we rode a bus supposedly going somewhere else in the province, but instead ended up at the Boulevard in Dumaguete.  It was nighttime and it was brightly lit, with all the lampposts glowing.

I played Freud and interpreted it as:  Dumaguete saying, “You have to come back SOON!”

I’ve always been a good listener – and a good seat-sale customer, so…I’ll be back in Dumaguete in March.  It’s PAL’s 777 sale’s fault, haha!  But seriously, it’s really on my 2010 travel calendar.  I won’t be spending a lot of time in Dumaguete itself this time around.  We’re going to Antulang (finally!),  so we’ll probably just go around the city on our last day, before we head to the airport.


On other travel news….

I’ve been on a wanderlust diet the second half of this year, and now I’m making up for it!  Bataan at the end of this month; and Banaue-Sagada at the end of December.  It will most likely be wicked cold on the latter trip, so I’m excited!  I’ve been thinking of how I miss wintry temperature recently, so the Sagada trip comes at the right time.

The Gypsy’s going back on the road. 😀



Ok, now it’s Cebu Pacific with a One-Peso seat sale.  I was able to book a Singapore trip for August – after trying for different countries on different dates.  Our original plan was an Indochina (Thailand-Cambodia-Vietnam) trip for August, but no promo tickets were available on the schedule we wanted.

Yay! Making up for the wanderlust diet, indeed! 😀