…whether it be in Maguindanao or anywhere else.  It’s not a solution to the government’s incompetence and protectionism of cronies.  We are not dumb. You cannot convince us of this so-called “rebellion”.  Also, I just have to say this: I cannot believe the sheer arrogance of that Prospero Nograles!  No need to convene the Congress and Senate to tackle the issue of Martial Law if it’s going to be approved anyway?  What the heck!!!

Though I really do not want to think so, it does appear that history is repeating itself.  As I read in different sources all over the Internet, there are a lot of parallels to 1972.  A big flood, Martial Law, contrived acts of violence, real violence against journalists, those who vociferously object to the administration and even the innocents, and an Aquino aiming for the presidency.

If that is the case, then I hope we all have learned from history.  And for those who have not been around in the 70s and half of the 80s, please just think of everything that you enjoy now and imagine it being taken away from you.  Imagine a world in which the government would dictate on what you could see, hear and say.  Can you allow that to happen?  If we really must repeat history, then by all means let’s repeat only the good things – and make them better!

For GMA and her cohorts, remember that the history books are full of people like you – those who craved and took power by foul means and dreadfully abused it, but never attained the eternal glory they longed for and eventually met some of the worst downfalls.  You may not be able to redeem yourselves anymore, but please do not make your chapter even longer and more sordid than it already is.  You’ve done enough.