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A Night for Ice Cream

Tintin posted a Facebook shoutout asking anyone to have ice cream with her because of the heat.  It was around 4pm and since I knew that she wasn’t busy at work (in Eastwood), I dared her that if she makes it to my office in Makati by 6pm, ice cream’s on me. And she agreed, even if it meant cutting work!

Then I realized that I also wanted pizza, and one great place that has that AND yummy gelato was Amici in Megamall. Halfway for both Tin and me. Perfect!  All this planning went on via Facebook. Enter other friends who were also commenting. Sagada buddy Anna, who also works in the Eastwood area, ended up joining us. Two other Sagada friends wanted to come but were unable to make it.

It was a fun girl-bonding evening, with some revelations, haha! Friends – old and new – are such joyous blessings!

Currently Reading: Naked Lunch

I’ve always wanted to read the works of the Beat Generation writers, and I started with Jack Kerouac’s On the Road (The Original Scroll).  I liked it and became more curious about his friends, William S. Burroughs and Allen Ginsberg.  Then I saw this pretty 50th Anniversary edition of Burroughs’ Naked Lunch. I just had to buy it.

Just a few chapters into the book made me realize how much of an innocent I could be. Parts of it make me go “Huh?” or make me wince.  Never having tried drugs myself, and never having hung around junkies either, it takes a while for me to comprehend everything that’s going on in the book.

We read books to see different worlds, and this is definitely giving me a good look. Burroughs’ down-home, no holds barred style is making it a fascinating, eye-opening read for me.


Maybe I should move to a cold  or wet country.  I’m battling a cold now, which usually happens to me in hot weather.

I went to Paris in Winter and I was just fine.  I went to Sagada in December, swam in the falls and took ice-cold baths, and I didn’t get sick.  I sometimes dash through streets under the rain and nothing happens to me.  But the minute summer starts making its presence felt?  I get struck down by the cold virus. That’s an oxymoron there.  “Cold” virus in “hot” weather? Ha!

Up in The Air

HIGHlights of yesterday’s Clark and Subic trip:

15th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Festival

That tradition of a skydiver bearing the Philippine flag while the National Anthem is being played still gets me.

The first time we came here a couple of years ago, not a single balloon properly inflated due to strong winds.  We were so happy to finally witness balloons in flight this time around!

Night Glow

Too bad the wind interfered again so there was no night flight, but at least we still got to see a bit of a night glow.  This trip definitely made up for the disappointment two years ago.

Subic Treetop Adventure

Superman Ride

Dream come true! I was finally able to fly…sort of.  It was also fun flying with travel buddy Farah.  Now I can’t wait to do an honest-to-goodness zipline!

Supposed to be asleep…

…in preparation for leaving at midnight and a 2.30am bus departure.  But I’m wide awake.  Silly me – ate a ton of nachos and dip, washing it down with Coke.  Original plan was: Eat a bit of merienda so long nap won’t be interrupted by hunger, then wake up in time for a late dinner.

So now I’m in front of the computer, staring intently at the monitor, hoping to tire my eyes so I’ll get sleepy.  Yes, I am having a silly afternoon.

Let’s try this again

I’ve changed the blog’s theme, and with that I will really exert effort to post as regularly as I did before.  It’s no secret that I’ve been on a blogging slump for more than half a year now.  My thoughts and stories have turned into abbreviated versions in the form of Tweets and Facebook status updates.  While I loved the more intimate and instant interactivity, it has finally hit me that I DO miss blogging!

And so I return to my original online playground. 2-3 blog entries per week is the immediate goal – beginning Sunday, February 14.  Yes, the day of love, and it’s about time that I go back to a great love – writing.

A Valentine’s Prayer

I remember a conversion with one of my friends, way back in our teens.  She told me that she prays for the man who is meant for her, that God would watch over him and keep him safe and well so that he’ll be okay when he finally finds her.  I no longer remember her prayer word-for-word, but here’s my reconstructed version – with some enhancements that fit our times today!

Lord, whoever is meant for me, please watch over him, make sure that he’s always good, that he’s always safe, that he won’t get in an accident, or get disfigured, or lose all his money; or worse – die or turn gay before we meet!

Well, it worked for her. She’s now married to a good guy. So all I can say is, AMEN!!!  It might do wonders for me too.  Check back in 10 years, probably, haha!