I remember a conversion with one of my friends, way back in our teens.  She told me that she prays for the man who is meant for her, that God would watch over him and keep him safe and well so that he’ll be okay when he finally finds her.  I no longer remember her prayer word-for-word, but here’s my reconstructed version – with some enhancements that fit our times today!

Lord, whoever is meant for me, please watch over him, make sure that he’s always good, that he’s always safe, that he won’t get in an accident, or get disfigured, or lose all his money; or worse – die or turn gay before we meet!

Well, it worked for her. She’s now married to a good guy. So all I can say is, AMEN!!!  It might do wonders for me too.  Check back in 10 years, probably, haha!