Tintin posted a Facebook shoutout asking anyone to have ice cream with her because of the heat.  It was around 4pm and since I knew that she wasn’t busy at work (in Eastwood), I dared her that if she makes it to my office in Makati by 6pm, ice cream’s on me. And she agreed, even if it meant cutting work!

Then I realized that I also wanted pizza, and one great place that has that AND yummy gelato was Amici in Megamall. Halfway for both Tin and me. Perfect!  All this planning went on via Facebook. Enter other friends who were also commenting. Sagada buddy Anna, who also works in the Eastwood area, ended up joining us. Two other Sagada friends wanted to come but were unable to make it.

It was a fun girl-bonding evening, with some revelations, haha! Friends – old and new – are such joyous blessings!