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Up in The Air

HIGHlights of yesterday’s Clark and Subic trip:

15th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Festival

That tradition of a skydiver bearing the Philippine flag while the National Anthem is being played still gets me.

The first time we came here a couple of years ago, not a single balloon properly inflated due to strong winds.  We were so happy to finally witness balloons in flight this time around!

Night Glow

Too bad the wind interfered again so there was no night flight, but at least we still got to see a bit of a night glow.  This trip definitely made up for the disappointment two years ago.

Subic Treetop Adventure

Superman Ride

Dream come true! I was finally able to fly…sort of.  It was also fun flying with travel buddy Farah.  Now I can’t wait to do an honest-to-goodness zipline!


…from my generation who watched our parents, older brothers and sisters, and cousins fight for freedom alongside your husband and his colleagues; who went to EDSA in 1986, and grew up with you as the one pure light in our murky political scene.

You were not a perfect President, but did the best you could given what you had to work with.  You never gave us cause to doubt your sincerity and integrity.  You only wanted the best for our country and never wavered in your faith in God and in the greatness of the Filipino.  That is your best gift to us and you are God’s best gift to Filipinos at this period in our history.

With you gone, we could look back at your life and how you served our country, and only be inspired by it.  Rest with Ninoy now.  The sky cleared for your motorcade.  Heaven is smiling at the arrival of another saint.



View from my office window

View of the motorcade from my office window

Sunrise Flight

Here’s why I love 5.30am takeoffs:





Mantalinga island (just a kilometer from shoreline of Baybay Beach, Capiz)

Mantalinga island (just a kilometer from the shoreline of Baybay Beach, Capiz)

Real men wear pink.


(From the New York Times)

Cute.  Wonder what’s his new army nickname now? 😀


Just when you think you’re so clever, there’s always someone to one-up you.



(Found at via adgoodness)

Back from the island

Tanned and just a tad heavier. 😀  It was indeed 3 days of peace and quiet – and lots of food!.  We practically had the entire island to ourselves.  The only other guest was Hors, a retired 70-year-old German who actually owns a cottage in the resort.  More stories and photos after I’ve sorted them out.

Oh, and the island I’m writing about is Nagarao in Guimaras.  Here are some photos for now:


Lunch for two!

Lunch for two!



There are only two things (barring an emergency) that would make me willingly get up from bed at the crack of dawn – an early morning departure for an out-of-town trip, and a countryside, mountain or ocean sunrise.

One of my Dumaguete rituals is to rise at dawn, watch the sunrise at the Boulevard (in front of Bethel Guest House), take a solitary walk, and then have breakfast (again at Bethel). This has become my favorite part of the day in the city. I thoroughly enjoyed this ritual when I was there last month. While Jeff and Trish caught up on their sleep after sunrise at around 6 am, I walked the length of the Boulevard from the lighthouse up to Silliman Hall. I turned left there, stopping at the corner of Hibbard Avenue. There were practically no passing vehicles, so I was able to stand right in the middle of the street and take a photo of the Silliman University entrance. It felt so good to do that in an intersection that would otherwise have been busy at any other time in the day.

I walked back to the hotel, only to find Jeff and Trish still sound asleep. I tried going back to sleep as well, but I was too invigorated by the walk. I was also feeling the beginnings of a headache (which usually happens when I wake up earlier than usual), so I grabbed my book and headed to the hotel cafe. I ordered coffee and toast and had a great quiet hour just reading, seated at a table facing the boulevard. All that time I was thinking, “Ahh, this is the life!” 😀

I love photographing the sunrise at the Boulevard because of how all the elements come together – the sunbeams falling on the stones in the water, light falling on the silhoutte of the trees, the combined reflection of the glowing horizon and lamp lights on the water by the pier, and yes, even the dark clouds. I also like watching the city gradually come to life.  I love observing the locals, sometimes even imagining myself to be one of them someday.

All of these make it worth the very early start to the day.  Here are some images from my sunrise-watching and early morning walk:

Sunrise Boaters

Sunrise Boaters

Dawn Lights

Dawn Lights

Colors of Dawn

Colors of Dawn






Aside from his campaign strategy which is a very good case study for us in the PR/Marketing/Advertising industry, Barack Obama is also a Mac user!  And I love that Pacman sticker right beside the Apple logo.  I hope he was really the one who placed that sticker there.

I love airports! I even wrote about it in one post.  Bacolod got a brand-new airport this year, but it is not actually in Bacolod!  It’s in Silay City, which is about 30-45 minutes away from the center of Bacolod City.  The new airport is very nice, and it’s about time that Negros got one like it.  The old airport was just so bad.  The arrival area actually looks more like a hangar.

The new airport opened just a few months ago, so it’s still sparkling new.  It even has that “new car (er, airport) smell”, hehe.  It’s not open the entire day, unlike the airports in Manila.  It closes after the last morning flight and reopens at 3pm.  We arrived too early for our 5.20 flight and had to wait outside.  It’s a good thing that they put a cafe (Fiorgelato) at the outside lobby so the early birds will have a place to hang out and eat.

The downside to the new airport is its location.  It is located in Silay (which is also a city), but in an isolated area.   Cheap public transportation is a problem.  There are no metered taxis or jeepneys anywhere near the terminal.  The only way for tourists and those without private cars to pick them up to get to Bacolod City or anywhere else in the province is through hired taxis/cars at a quite expensive fixed rate depending on the destination; or the shuttle to certain drop off points in Bacolod City for P100/head.  The shuttle is good if you have minimal luggage and going anywhere in the vicinity of the city center.  Otherwise, you really have no choice but to take a hired car.

What’s cheap is the terminal fee – P30.  That’s cheap for a brand new airport, considering that here in Manila, we pay P200 for the ugly, old domestic terminal.  It’s ok to pay that amount for the Centennial terminal, but the domestic one?! Rip-off!

All that said, I like the new airport except for the location.




One of the tubes

Outside lobby

Welcome to Negros

Tarmac signage

Moon – I’ve always wanted to take a photo of an airplane taking off or landing, and I thought that it was finally my chance to do so, since the departure lounge doubles as a view deck.  Alas, a flight delay got in the way, and darkness fell without even a single plane arriving.  This was the shot I got instead:

And of course, the travelers, still smiling through the flight delay 😉

Images from Sipalay

This is how the beach looked like when we arrived:

Shots of Langub Beach in stormy weather:

And here’s a little romance caught on camera:

And the castaways:

More images here.