For a while now, I’ve been serving as my officemate’s “wingman” with regard to her office building crush.  It’s a role I actually relish because I swear, it feels like being a teenager again – the good part of the teen years.  Do you still remember your teenage crushes and all you thought and did?  Well, we’re sort of reliving it.  Yes, including the embarrassing bloopers.

Today, I finally have my own Act in this little romantic (if you could call it that)-comedy play that we’ve unwittingly staged.  I found my own leading man, and Tricia and I have reversed roles in my Act.  The twist of the plot?  A tiny bleep in our gaydar.  Oh, dear.  But I can’t wait to see how it will all turn out. 😀

Will I have my own ‘let-the-earth-swallow-me-now’ moments?  Will he turn out to be my best gay friend?  Or will it have the cliche-ish happy ending?  Or will it simply be a great diversion on work days?

There are times when you don’t have to take everything seriously and just have fun being a girl!  🙂